LEVEL DESIGN STUDIES & CREATIONS MISSION BRIEF:With my long history in competitive FPS, I understand what it takes to break down a level to its most nitty gritty details, timings, challenges & how to find the fun.

I have a strong competitive gaming background stretching all the way back to early 2000s with games like SOCOM, KILLZONE, TimeSplitters, CoD 4 & Rainbow Six  Vegas 2. I participated in GameBattles very frequently and had an account since early 2004. RIP GameBattles we’ll miss you.


I wanted to explore different possibilities for Pearl to addon additional routes that allow attackers the extra option to get onto the bomb sites and challenging defenders to properly utilize their utility & make them really think how to handle the attackers from a new angle. Meanwhile, keeping it competitive and on brand for the valorant universe.

Currently, A SITE on Pearl is a hard site to break onto without a solid team utilizing their utility. Attackers can also split to A LINK but players that go this route risk being picked off at MID DOOR or from CONNECTOR, risking the loss of a player while the defenders are anchored awaiting the A PUSH. At this point if the B players are rotating to A they have 2-3 solid positions to hold yet the A MAIN Attackers are just left in an open patch with 2 small walls & A LINK if they haven’t lost it yet.



This was my first published level ever in the world of Level Design created in April 2022. I have a deep love and passion for the SOCOM series. One thing about the series is the level design was fantastic. I wanted to recreate the map and teach myself level design and to deliver the PAVLOV community SOCOM nostalgia.

I had a lot of lessons learned creating this map from practically ZERO knowledge of Unreal Engine 4, I started in learning with Unreal Engine 5 but Pavlov was in Unreal Engine 4.3 at the time so I had to adjust some work flows and learn older tooling.

I had started creating textures inside Quixel Mixer, I learned how to import, edit, mix and make them my own. I also dabbled with Decals and kind of had too much fun adding them around the level.

As the months have gone by I’ve learned more about Landscapes, Grid Snapping, Geo Editing within Unreal, Importing Models into the engine & getting scale of objects down.