For the last 10 years, I’ve worked in the Logistics industry as a Controls Engineer/Robotics Engineer. I have a great deal of experience in project management and working amongst & leading cross discipline teams to complete tight project sprints, foster continuous improvement and manage healthy work schedules.

I’ve managed multiple projects within major warehouse commissioning projects with budgets excess of 15050m+, managing teams & creating training programs for technical & operations teams for various companies like Nordstrom, Amazon, Burlington Coat Factory & Dematic.

But in reality, I’m not TRULY happy working on robots “it was VERY cool yes”... Yet, Gaming & Graphic Design have always been a constant in my life since 2000. It’s the main thing I want to make a career out of because we only get one of these lives with no respawns, so basically I’m in a 1v1 with death right now and I want to make sure I beat this game my way!!




  After Effects

  Unreal Engine 5

All very boring and soul crushing work when all you really want to do is make art with cool people and make others happy.

I first discovered Photoshop in 2001 on our wonderful cream colored Dell or HP desktop (yeah, you know the ones if you’re old) while playing Runescape. Soon after, my brother asked me to create some graphics for his SOCOM 2 GameBattles team (TGT). I quickly added some random image of a Navy SEAL, some difference clouds & an ugly font and a star was born & an addiction was formed. Since then, I’ve honed my skills in the whole Adobe Suite, Cinema4D & Blender and of course now Unreal Engine 5.

Gaming has been my life since I was born. I was only 5 when the N64 entered our house, but I was playing every game possible. Countless races on Mario Kart 64, Endless battles for the golden guns on Golden Eye, or throwing snowballs at turkeys on South Park.

Very soon after we got the PS1 and my life was changed forever.

PlayStation will forever hold a reasonably sized chunk of memory in my brain due to the fact it introduced me to many different ways of thinking, different pieces of art & really led me on this path of wanting to make games when I really look back at it.

Games like Final Fantasy VIII & Metal Gear SolidI just remember sitting there as a child watching my brother play these games and all I could think about was how epic of a scale these things are.

As crazy as it sounds, another game which just let me shut off my brain and let me get away from reality was GTA 1&2. Till this day Rockstar Games are my bread and butter just because the studio's keen eye for every microscopic detail inside their games & growing up alongside these titles they just immerse you and carry you into new worlds and just then you forget about your problems. 

Listening to Miriam Bellard's GDC talks really just nailed it home for me, hearing her speak about how her teams create these worlds & how no stone is left unturned when it comes to realism, anticipating human behavior really made me want to hop in the game industry face first.